Our Services

Corporate Assessments, Evaluations, Internal Trainings,
Speaking Engagements & Workshops​​


·         Anger Management     

·         Breaking the Cycle

·         Centralizing Business Solutions

·         Conflict Resolution

·         Cultural Diversity

·         Crisis Intervention

·         Customer Experience Management

·         Employee Burnout & High Turnover 

·         Imaging and Branding Development

·         Emotional Intelligence

·         Engagement Competency Assessments

·         Key Performance Indicators

·         Leadership and Management Training

·         Sensitivity Training

·         Sexual Harassment-Quid Pro Quo Issues

·         Violence in the Workplace

Sports Management

Short-term and Long-term research,  assessments,  trend,  hybrid, and

qualitative analysis, statistical & survey computations

Product Image & Branding​​

Image Building & Branding, Product Promotion

Management and Leadership​​ Development

Corporate Climate

Promoting healthy work environments and employee performance. 

Conducting assessments and trainings to

improve customer relations and outcomes.